Patience: My Lesson of the Year

If you know me, you know I have very minimal patience, in traffic, with stupidity, and (the topic of this post) life events. Now for super honest time… I wrote this post a week ago. I couldn’t bring myself to publish on the topic of patience when I was still struggling with it. Today, I remembered why I created this blog- not to highlight a perfect life, but to illustrate the real obstacles I face.

So here goes:

They say if you want to make God laugh, to tell Him your plans. If that were true- I know I’ve given God a good chuckle the past 6 months.

I have been looking, and applying, for jobs for the last 6 months. My ideal start date- January 1, right after we moved into our house. Well, January 1 came and went, and still no job. Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn (BEEP BEEP), but I have an outstanding resume. Great experiences through internships, jobs, and volunteer work. I have held countless leadership rolls, starting in high school. Not to mention I graduated from college an entire year early and pursued a master’s degree. I’m a prime candidate right?

So I didn’t understand, and quite frankly, I still don’t. The entire month of January, I moped- embarrassed of my misfortunes. Constantly compensating by making jokes about my unemployment, deflecting my emotions. I mean honestly, I never thought I would be the one who would have a hard time getting a job. Most of my friends had worse grades, less experience, and still found employment nearly immediately. WHAT GIVES?

Yes, I applied to a few jobs I’m overqualified for- and I reached a little too high as well, but I have learned a valuable lesson throughout this process… having a great support team can get you through anything. Michael, my mama, and my in-laws are a constant reminder of hope. Michael’s parents send me new job postings nearly every week, my mom constantly reminds me to trust God’s plan, and Michael, well he reminds me of my worth.

I could’ve had a job a month ago. I nailed my interview, and she offered me a job within 24 hours. I would’ve been doing what I want, less than a mile away from our house… but the pay was less than what I made as a part time intern. And I REALLY thought about it. Was it worth it? Michael knew I was overwhelmed, and reminded me of my knowledge, my background, and most importantly what that is all worth. Not monetarily, but the fact that with my expertise, I am qualified for dignified jobs with better titles and greater salaries attached.

Having someone who doesn’t want to see you settle is true love. Because let me tell you, we could use another income. Buying a house and only having one source of income is not a walk in the park. So for Michael to willingly sign up to continue penny counting vs. me settling for a job really illustrates his desire for my happiness.

So January 1 came and went, and I moved on to a new goal date in mind- my birthday. Surely I can snag a great job by February 13th? Well, I applied, followed up, and yet it still did not look likely. Knowing the financial burden Michael was managing, and how bored unemployment had become in just one month, I began seeking part time work.

And, on February 13th, my goal date, I began training as a server at a local restaurant. HALLELUJAH! No, it wasn’t what I anticipated, it wasn’t some glamorous full time position, but the good Lord heard my cry (both figuratively and literally) and came through for me. My hope has been restored, and now while I wait for my career to begin, I can earn a little income while meeting my new neighbors, a win-win.

Patience, as I mentioned, it is by far my biggest weakness. But this year, I plan on changing that, and this job search is going to hold me accountable. If you read my long narrative, maybe we have similar stories- reach out and tell me how you remain patient while looking for a job, because I am struggling.

~Mrs. Z

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