Lessons From a Puppy

If you follow me on Instagram (mrszblog), you know that a little over a week ago, I adopted a third dog. A 2 month old Hound mix to be exact. Why would I do that to us? We already had 2 dogs relatively young & energetic. Well, my in-laws are wanting a puppy. So I went with my mother in (love) to the shelter for her to adopt an adorable collie puppy. Much to our surprise, 10 other people also wanted a dog from the same litter, 4 of which slept in the parking lot of the shelter overnight. It was like black Friday shopping for puppies- sheer madness.

Even after the collies were adopted, we decided to go look at the other puppies. As soon as we walked into that fluorescent- lit, creepy back room, my eyes locked on a scared and adorable black & white puppy in the farthest back corner. She was petrified. Shaking, and stiff when I tried to pet her, which I would be too if I just watched 10 other people choose a dog that wasn’t me. We had to pull her out of her cage, and as soon as I held her she immediately became calm, trusting me, in that moment, to show her love and attention. My heart melted. In a matter of 5 minutes, we watched that shy puppy in the corner become full of life and pure happiness. I was sold, she had to be mine.

Soon after, we realized that my sweet little puppy was spunky- full of character and did everything with a little sass (even more proof she was meant to be my dog). And so, with a personality like that, she became “Minnie Pearl.” Going into week 2 with Minnie Pearl, and she has taught and reminded me of so many of life’s greatest lessons. Cheesy I know, but puppies turn your life upside down, and with the right mentality, it is always for the better.

Life lesson #1- Be PRESENT

When you have a new puppy, you do everything with one eye on it, making sure there aren’t any accidents, and nothing destroyed. This leaves little time for much of anything else. Because of that, I’ve been more unplugged from social media for the past 2 weeks. Focusing my time on myself, Michael, and our dogs is much more rewarding than skimming through staged pictures of people I don’t even talk to. I’m living in the moment, not staging it to appear perfect and “goals” worthy. I could go on a whole social media rant, but I’ll spare you. Point black, puppies make you analyze your priorities, and become more present in your everyday life, and the beauty it can have.

Life Lesson #2- Stay CURIOUS

Curiosity drives the mind. Before Minnie Pearl, I was okay with doing the same day to day activities- clean, work, entclix, etc. Over the past week, I have watched Minnie learn from our other dogs and pick up some of their (annoying) habits. She stares off into the backyard, mesmerized by the leaves blowing or the birds flying. And funniest of all, Minnie watches TV. I’m not sure what life was like for her before the shelter, but Minnie is curious about everything. Over the past week, I’ve began spending more time outside, quietly reflecting, praying, and enjoying nature’s beauty. I’ve began reading more, something I used to love, but quit making time for. I’m making time for morning devotionals again, and catching up on the news. Staying curious through life will help stimulate your brain and make you a more well-rounded individual.

Life Lesson #3- LOVE unconditionally

Yes, everyone knows to treat others how you would want to be treated, but how many of us allow prejudgements to determine our interactions with others? I know I have. In my small restaurant, there is new family drama every day- Susie did this, John said that. At first, I was allowing the gossip I heard determine my thoughts on that person, without knowing anything else. We do this all the time.

Puppies love unconditionally, no matter who it is, they are going to show affection and happiness to whoever they come into contact with. Why then is it so hard for humans to do the same? Two of the easiest things to to is to spread joy and show compassion. Yet we allow judgements, based on little to nothing, to cloud our ability to love unconditionally.




Yes, our life is now way more chaotic with 3 dogs. Yes, all of our friends think we’re crazy. But the joy, love, and entertainment Minnie Pearl brings makes it all worth it. Michael and I are learning how each of us handles more responsibility, training, and less structure, all of which will better prepare us for when we do decide to start a family.

xoxo, Mrs. Z

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