Sundays are my favorite

Every week, you see snapchats, Facebook posts, and everything in between saying “TGIF” or “Saturdays are for the boys.” But in all reality, Sundays are where its at. Whether you consider it the beginning or the end to a week- Sundays always end up being the BEST day. Here is a breakdown of the little things that bring me the most joy on a Sunday!

Since moving into our home, we have developed a pretty standard Sunday routine. Our morning starts like any other- dogs, coffee, breakfast. But then we go to church. We LOVE our church. The worship team is outstanding, the pastor always delivers a God-filled message, and everyone in the congregation is so nice and so welcoming.

After spending some time in worship, we typically go to the gym. During the week, Michael and I don’t get to workout together (mostly because I am not going to wake up at 4:45) but on the weekends, we love being able to go together. Sunday’s are also grocery days, and we frequent Lowes Foods. (FYI with a student ID you get 10% off on Sundays– you’re welcome).

Our afternoons are never the same, but we have the same goals in mind- do  a little cleaning, and do something fun. There is something so relaxing when you start your week off with a (somewhat) tidy home. We typically identify our problem area of that week (whether its the floors, kitchen, or a junk pile), and we tackle it.

You can’t spend your whole Sunday doing chores, God said we have to have a day of rest! With the weather getting warmer, we are spending more time outside, and yesterday we played basketball in our driveway. To be honest with everyone, we are terrible, but check back in later after we practice more! Not too mention, there is a new ice-cream shop not too far away, so now we have something else to look forward to on the weekends.

Sundays are our day to recharge, and to make sure we start the week off right. We get to spend (practically) the whole day together, doing the things we enjoy most. So let the boys have Saturdays, I’ll keep my quiet, peaceful Sundays.


P.S. If you ever find yourself near downtown Gibsonville, check out this little ice-cream shop. Fresh ingredients, great employees, and an adorable atmosphere!


xoxo, Mrs. Z

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